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Full Car Service Auckland

Yes! We do full car services in Auckland. here is a description of what our full car service Auckland includes: * Check operation of park lights, head lights, indicators, stop lights. * Check operation of windscreen wipers and washers. * Check horn operation * Change...

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Car Service and Maintenance Tips

One of the most important things you can do for your car maintenance is to keep your tyre pressures up to spec. Here is why:

* Low tyre pressures will quickly wear the edges off the tyres.
* Low tyre pressures will increase your fuel consumption.
* Low tyre pressures will cause your vehicle to handle poorly.

On the other hand if your tyre pressures are too high there will be less contact with the road reducing grip and cause the centre of the tyre to wear quickly.

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Why use a mobile mechanic?

Why use a mobile mechanic?

Professional vehicle servicing, convenience, reliability, less down time and cost saving. The Car Service Company will, on completion of a service, advise of any additional work

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Why do vehicles require professional regular servicing?

Why do vehicles require professional regular servicing?

Where as a cheap “quick lube” just changes the oil and filter, a full service also inspects many items to ensure trouble-free motoring between services, such as belts and radiator hoses, brake linings and batteries. Left unattended, these can cause costly and...

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