Yes! We do full car services in Auckland. here is a description of what our full car service Auckland includes:

* Check operation of park lights, head lights, indicators, stop lights.

* Check operation of windscreen wipers and washers.

* Check horn operation

* Change engine oil and filter using correct grade/spec oil specified by oil company/manufacturer

* Remove all wheels, check and adjust all brakes

* Check brake hose condition

* Check driveshafts, CV boots and steering rack boots.

* Check shock absorbers.

* Check suspension bushes, check for play in suspension and steering components, ball joints and tie rods.

* Check tyre condition, inflate tyres to correct pressure, inspect for punctures. Torque wheel nuts to spec.

* Check underbody, exhaust system, check oil leaks.

* Grease driveline/suspension where necessary.

* Check transmission/gearbox/differential/ transfer case oil levels

* Check cooling system condition including radiator, hoses, coolant strength.

* Check fan belt condition, adjust if necessary.

* Check engine tune, check spark plugs where practical.

* Test Battery condition.

* Top up all under bonnet fluid levels, check brake fluid condition.

* Lubricate door hinges.

* Attach sticker to windscreen for next service due details

* Road test vehicle for any driveability issues.

* Report on any defects or issues found, quote on repairs where necessary

As you can see our full service is quite comprehensive and thorough.

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